Tony Soprano

With an overwhelmingly amount of love and gratitude I want to say thank you to the Lighthouse International Film Festival. This intimate gem of a fest ran by Founder Charlie Prince, Executive Director Eric Johnson, Programmers Chip, Shea, and the whole LIFF Team was one of the best times Rylie (production coordinator on "Black People Are Dangerous"), Jillian (co-producer, AD on "Black People Are Dangerous"), and I had this past weekend. 

Tucked along the Jersey Shore in Long Beach Island this cute little beach town housed international and local filmmakers, storytellers, and gremlins once we all had some food and libations after midnight during their industry mixers.

The screening of "Black People Are Dangerous" was well received with tons of "black commentary," and the audience was mostly white! So friggin funny!! At first Jill, Rylie, and I thought we were stranded in NJ but LIFF gave us a room at the Drifting Sands hotel and a beautiful oceanview to wake up to in the morning. I scoured the beach looking for Whitecaps or The Stugots, but I did run into Tony Soprano, he is alive and well (in my mind he is).

I shall return to LIFF next year but the secret is rent a beach house for the entire stint!

Donaldo Prescod