Black People Are Dangerous is live!

Let the crowdfunding begin! Today Donaldo Prescod and the Seed&Spark Team have launched a 30 day campaign to raise $5,000 for Black People Are Dangerous. Joanna Bowzer will produce, and the film features Frank Harts of HBO’s The Leftovers, Showtime’s Billions, and Isabella Mehiel. The campaign is being supported through Seed&Spark, a film-centric crowdfunding and Video on demand platform launched in 2012. Seed&Spark has the highest success rate in the world for crowdfunding, and if Black People Are Dangerous gets at least 80% of their goal they get to keep the funds. Projects like this are only achieved from the support of family and friends so if you wish to contribute click HERE!

Artwork by Ali Douglass

NY Premiere of The 1’s and 2’s

Donaldo’s full length play The 1’s and 2’s which was awarded the 2014 semifinalist for the Eugene O’Neill center’s National Playwright Conference, is finally getting a production. From March 10th – 26th come to The Tank and experience Soundview in full effect under the direction of David Monteagudo. The play features an all star cast: Christian Adam Jacobs, Keola Simpson, Nathalie Carvalho, David Pegram, Craig Dolezel, Terralon Walker, Pierre Jean Gonzalez, Brandon Flynn, Justin Phillips, and Judy Brown-Steele We takin’ it back to ’79!
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Black People Are Dangerous returns! Best of Series for Rule of 7×7

BLACK PEOPLE ARE DANGEROUS returns with Donaldo, Jessie Cannizzaro, and Kristin McCarthy Parker directing in the Best Of Series for Rule of 7×7 on September 24th!

Donaldo also received numerous reviews:
“Black People are Dangerous…featured a flawless performance by the playwright.”
a “hilarious racial commentary…[that] provide[s] for an entertaining racially charged discussion over which race, black or white, “be wildin’” when it comes to serial murderer.”
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Welcome to my blog!

This is the place to stay current on all the news and goings-on with my work. Check back often for updates, but meanwhile here are a few of my most recent happenings:

AUGST 6 – 9, 2015
I will be acting in HERETICS written by Richard Zinober, directed by David Sernick. Featuring Olivia Jampol, Whitney Conkling, and Alex Emanuel. This is a part of The Thespis Theater Festival.

JULY 26, 2015
Rachel Lin and I are producing a festival called THE ONENESS PROJECT: VOLUME 2, an event featuring plays, poems, monologues, and live music all geared towards issue of social injustice. I will also have a play in this event, YOU AINT GANGSTA featuring Steve Jones, Alex Herrald, Dan McCabe, and Samantha Sembler, directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker.

JUNE 8, 2015
My play BLACK PEOPLE ARE DANGEROUS featuring me and Jessie Cannizzaro, directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker will be in the next Rule of 7×7. A bi-monthly festival helmed by Brett Epstein.
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In September I will play Iskinder in Jonathan Karen’s THE RECOMMENDATION (Craig Noel Award for Best New Play) directed by Kel Haney at The Flea Theater.

#serials cycle 16 started in July and ran for it’s usual three weeks, I had the good fortune of playing God in Rob Askin’s play “True Bible Tales with Rob Askin’s.” Since the play was voted back repeatedly we return in the fall for more twisted ways to retell stories from the Bible.

I will be in a workshop directed by Danya Taymor and award winning photographer, Dominic Bracco II based on his time spent in Juarez, Mexico capturing the lives of the youths. Articles, photographs, and a 50 page treatment will be the basis for this week long workshop.

APRIL 29 – MAY 11, 2013
I will be in a production of Dylan by Sidney Michaels, directed by Liz Carlson and featuring Mark Cajigao*, Connor Carew*, Whitney Conkling, 
Rachel Cornish*, Alex Herrald, Iris McQuillan-Grace, 
Courtney Reneé  Stallings*, and Patrick Williams.  The play is produced by CityTech Theatre Works, theNEST, and Do Not Go Gentle productions. It will take place at the Voorhees Theatre.

APRIL 8, 2013
BlackBoard Reading Series presents a stage reading of my full length play, The 1’s and 2’s, directed by Liz Carlson, and featuring Seth Moore, Ivano Pulito, Brett Robinson, Briana Pozner, Tedra Milan, Cristina Pitter, David Pegram, Ugo Chuckwu, Greg Engbrecht, Alex Herrald, Patrick Williams, and Nate Washburn.

FEBRUARY 20-21, 2013
THE GREAT UNKNOWNS ENSEMBLE: ONE ACT SERIES AT THE CELL. Two of my plays will be presented in this 3 performance showcase at The Cell Theatre.

FEBRUARY 11, 2013
BlackBoard Reading Series presents Community Night. Playwrights bring their material, actors bring themselves. An excerpt from The 1’s and 2’s will be read featuring: Ivano Pulito, Dan McCabe, Mariette Strauss, and Briana Pozner.

JANUARY 15, 2013
I will be in a stage reading of Erica Saleh’s, The Morning After, directed by Kelli Lynn Harrison; featuring Francis Benhamou, Ryan Karels, Jennifer Loryn, Julia Motyka, and Kate Kearney-Patch as part of 3Graces Theater Co. Sips & Scripts in the Speakeasy Room at The Gin Mill.

JULY 12, 2012
#serials@theFLEA returns with cycle 7, and this will be the final week for the longest running show in serials history thus far. I am ending my play The 1’s and 2’s which has been fabulously directed by Liz Carlson since the beginning and featured Ivano Pulito, Seth Moore, Briana Pozner, Bruce Lemon, Brett Robinson, and many many more. But have no fear, we are aiming for a full length production in the near future.

JUNE 27, 2012
Lost in the Part returns to Brooklyn at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge. Christopher Sullivan hosted the event which featured three plays, and three bands.

JUNE 18, 2012
BEER PLAYS: 8 Short plays paired with craft beers. My play, Lost in the Part, directed by Sarah Krohn, starring Brittany Bellizeare, Raffeal Sears, and Brian D Coats. The play was well received and asked to return the following week for a different event.

May 25, 2012
I will be a part of a stage reading of Victor Lesniewski’s civil war espionage play, Couriers and Contrabands, directed by Kareem Fahmy at New York Theatre Workshop.